Our Team

Beni Sasi

Tel: 02-6254403
Email: sasi@pami.co.il

Israel Yefet

Director of Operations and Assets
Tel: 02-6254403
Email: israel@pami.co.il

Juli Bar

Director of Tourism and Marketing
Tel: 02-6277550
Email: julie@pami.co.il

Itzik Ben Dor

Projects Department Manager
Tel: 02-6254403
Email: itzik@pami.co.il

Shlomo Levi

Company Accountant
Tel: 02-6254403
Email: shlomo@pami.co.il

Pola Ben Ishai

CEO Office Manager
Tel: 02-6254403
Email: pola@pami.co.il

Jaclyn Danon

CEO Secretary

Tel: 02-6254403
Email: jeky@pami.co.il

Sharona Mizrahi

Tenders and Contracts Manager
Tel: 02-6254403
Email: sharona@pami.co.il

Aliza (Liz) Levi

Tel: 02-6254403
Email: liz@pami.co.il

Lea Kurkosh

Bookkeeper Assistant
Tel: 02-6254403
Email: nechama@pami.co.il

Limor Dezorella

Operation Coordinator at Tourist Attractions
Tel: 02-6277550
Email: tourism@pami.co.il

Rotem Hadad

Yamin Moshe Hazards Inspector, Hutzot Hayotzer Artists Colony, and Cleaning The Old City
Tel: 02-6277347
Email: hagai@pami.co.il

Sharon Mishkowsky

Gardening and Cleaning Supervisor of The Old City
Tel: 02-6277347
Email: sharonm@pami.co.il

Tziki Zadok

Yamin Moshe Supervisor for Maintaining Tourist Sites
Tel: 02-6277550
Email: sadokyt@gmail.com

Arye Reuveny

Stone Maintenance Team Manager in The Old City
Tel: 02-6254403
Email: arie@pami.co.il

Iwada Baa

East Jerusalem Neighborhood Cleaning Inspector

Mahmud Sarhani

Jerusalem Neighborhood Cleanliness Inspector

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