Board of Directors and Officials

The Company’s Board of Directors:

Board Members5
Appointments on Behalf of the State3
Appointments on Behalf of a Municipality2

Board Members:

Appointments on Behalf of the State:
Micha Kyrman
Anat Promakis
Michal Bruce

Appointments on Behalf of a Municipality:
Arye King
Moshe Gura
Ada Bilevsky
Anat Mufkadi

Representative of the Companies Authority:
Zeev Lichtenfeld

Company Advisors:
Legal Counsel: Advocate Nissan Khochi
Internal Auditor: Y. Barzilai & Associates
CPAs: Moshe Weingarten & Associates. CPA

Employees: 21

Company Shareholders:

Number of sharesPercents
The State of Israel by the Ministry of Jerusalem and Israel’s Tradition7,99566.6%
Jerusalem City Council4,00033%
Inbal Insurance Company1
Development of the Dead Sea and Sodom Region Ltd1
Eilat Beach Development Company Ltd1
The Government Company for Tourism1
The Economic Company1

Responsible Minister: Minister of Jerusalem and Israel’s Tradition.

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