Ticket Price

  • Adult: 25 NIS
  • Adult in a group of more than 20 people: 15 NIS
  • Child/Soldier/Senior/Student: 12 NIS
  • Child/Soldier/Senior/Student in a group of more than 20 people: 10 NIS (child: 5 to 18 years old).

Opening Hours

Sunday – Thursday and Saturday

  • 09:00 – 17:00 Summer Time
  • 09:00 – 16:00 Winter Time
  • July-August: extra opening hours TBA

Friday and Holiday eves

  • 09:00-14:00


  • Northern Ramparts closed

It is recommended

  • to arrive about an hour and a half before the closing time of the Northern Ramparts in order to complete the entire tour.


  • Ramparts ticket office: in Jaffa Gate, next to the Tourism Information Office.
  • Entrance by barcode scan of your pre-purchased ticket on this website/ Ramparts ticket office
  • Northern Ramparts:
  • Entrances: Jaffa Gate/New Gate/Lions’ Gate
  • Exits:
  • New Gate From Jaffa Gate – a 20-min. walk
  • Damascus Gate From Jaffa Gate – 45-min. walk
  • Herod’s Gate From Jaffa Gate – about an hour’s walk
  • Lions’ Gate From Jaffa Gate – about an 1.5 hours walk
  • Southern Ramparts:
  • Entrances:
  • Jaffa Gate new entrance outside the ramparts, next to David Tower Museum’s entrance
  • Zion Gate
  • Exits:
  • Zion Gate From Jaffa Gate – about 30 min. walk
  • Dung Gate/Jewish Quarter From Jaffa Gate – about 45-min. walk


  • You can do a circular tour – around the Walls 360 degrees – Starting at the Southern Ramparts (Jaffa Gate), descend at Dung Gate near the Jewish Quarter, walk at the foot of the eastern wall, and return to the wall (the Northern Ramparts) through the ascent at Lions’ Gate – then walk on the Ramparts until the starting point at Jaffa Gate (possible exit points: Herod’s Gate, Damascus Gate, New Gate, and Jaffa Gate)
  • Both sections can be entered on the same ticket – The ticket is valid for the whole day.
  • Free audio tours in the app – “Audio tours in Jerusalem”.
  • The routes are inaccessible for people with disabilities and strollers.
  • It’s advised to carry toddlers in a carrier.
  • It is recommended to bring a hat, walking shoes and water.

Traveling to Jerusalem? The Ramparts Walk is waiting for you!

The walls of Jerusalem are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Jerusalem’s most important cultural heritage asset, and a prominent and influential monument in the city’s urban landscape in the past and present. The walls are rated 4.5 by Trip Advisor surfers, providing an unusual look into the city’s complex history.

The first wall was built around Jerusalem in Canaanite times over 4,000 years ago, and the last, which still stands today, was erected by order of Suleiman the Magnificent, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, about 485 years ago.

Walking on the Ramparts Walk offers unusual perspectives towards Jerusalem inside and outside the walls, the old city versus the new: a unique walking route to the remnants of the past and the processes of the present.

From the top of the Southern Wall are fascinating landscapes and sites that together make up the unique mosaic of Jerusalem: David Citadel, the Armenian Quarter, the Hinnom Valley, Sultan’s Pool, Yemin Moshe, Mishkenot Sha’ananim and Musrara neighborhoods, monasteries and churches with picturesque vegetable gardens, schools and private courtyards, the alleys of the Jewish Quarter, the Temple Mount and Mount of Olives.


New! – “The Guardians of the Walls are Back!”

About 20 statues of the Defenders of Jerusalem from different periods are “armed” with an augmented reality app that brings to life their personal story and the period in which they lived, greeting pilgrims and visitors to Jerusalem.
The statues are placed on the Southern wall up to the Western Wall and on the Northern wall up to Damascus Gate.
The “guards” invites you to get excited about the unique story of each and every one of the Guardians of the Walls and get to know them through an interactive game.
No additional charge.
Download the free “Ramparts” app at the entrance to the Ramparts to enjoy the interactive activity.
The app operates in English, Russian and Hebrew.


Ramparts Walk, Jerusalem’s Historic Trek

The promenade is divided into two routes: the Northern one – from Jaffa Gate to Lions’ Gate, and the southern one – from Jaffa Gate to the Western Wall. Free audio tour for the independent tourist, full and free guidance to the Northern or Southern Ramparts in the app: Audio tours in Jerusalem.


Terms and Guidelines – Individual Visits to Ramparts Walk

  • Entrance to the Ramparts Walk is during the times advertised on the East Jerusalem Development website only.
  • Entrance for children up to 5 years old is free of charge.
  • Please bring comfortable walking shoes, a hat, and water.
  • Cancellation refund/reservation change is possible only by email up to 3 working days in advance (excluding Friday and Saturday) to tourism@pami.co.il. Other refund requests will not be accepted.
  • The visit is suitable all year round and in all weather. Weather conditions are not grounds for cancellation.
  • No refund/compensation will be given for non-arrival /late arrival for guided tours on the ramparts.


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