Photo: רון פלד - מערת צדקיהו
Zedekiah’s Cave

The Zedekiah Cave is open to the public combined with a new immersive audio-visual show - "Secrets under the Walls". Underneath the houses of the old city hides a cave of incredible size and beauty: the Zedekiah's Cave, one of the most spectacular and mysterious sites in Jerusalem.

Photo: איתמר גרינברג - טיילת החומות
Ramparts Walk

Ramparts Walk - The walls of Jerusalem are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Jerusalem's most important cultural heritage asset, and a prominent and influential monument in the city's urban landscape in the past and present. The walls are rated 4.5 by Trip Advisor surfers, providing an unusual look into the city's complex history.

Photo: העופל
Ophel Garden – Hulda Stairs

Ophel Garden – Hulda Stairs refers to a long and narrow hill, located beyond the southern edge of the Temple Mount. The entire area is lower than the Temple Mount and there’s a need to climb up towards it. The Ophel Garden is bordered by the Tyropoeon Valley, Ben Hinnom gorge to the Valley of Hinnom, and Kidron Valley.

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