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East Jerusalem Development Ltd. is a governmental company established in 1966 in order to develop and restore the Yemin Moshe and Mamilla neighborhoods.

Following the liberation of Jerusalem, the company served as the main operational party, representing the Israeli Government and the Jerusalem Municipality in developing and restoring the new neighborhoods in the city. Significant emphasis was placed on tourism projects, renovation, maintenance, and operation. In recent years, East Jerusalem Development Ltd. has been active in promoting complex and unique projects for restoring and maintaining the Old City, including all its quarters and open space around it. The company operates tourist sites and initiates projects, and renovates various assets, such as the Hutzot Hayotzer compound, Yemin Moshe neighborhood, stores at Damascus Gate, and more.

The company operates and manages some of the largest tourist sites in Jerusalem: Ramparts Walk, Zedekiah’s Cave, the Roman Square at the Damascus Gate, the Ophel Garden – the Hulda Stairs, and the Mount Zion Cable Car Museum. The company strives to promote and improve the tourists’ and residents’ experience and strengthen Jerusalem’s status as a prime pilgrimage destination for people all around the world.

Company Goals:

  • Establishing and operating tourist sites
  • Operating and managing the Hutzot Hayotzer compound, as well as Yemin Moshe and Mishkenot Sha’ananim neighborhoods
  • Cleaning and maintaining the Old City
  • Planning and executing various projects
About UsPhoto: Itamar Greenberg
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